Ilario Onibokun

guitar · voice

+39 320 0770455

Valentino Teodori

bass · voice

+39 349 4445635

Alexander Onibokun

drum · voice

+39 320 3720683


Mettere il proprio cuore vicino all'orecchio di chi ti sta accanto, in modo tale da fargli ascoltare con più attenzione il suono della nostra anima.


The Soundsick project was born in 1998 from Ilario Onibokun’s idea (vocals, guitar and drums ) and his brother Alex ( drums, vocals , guitar) . Both guys have origins nigero - Italo- Venezuelan , and they have been playing together since they were children. One day, they found their father with two bongos and an acoustic guitar, so decide to start play music together. Ilario on the acoustic guitar and his younger brother ( Alex) was amused playing the two bongos with two screwdrivers .

Over the years they have often changed formation. Alex (younger brother) finally started to play a real drums and with the addition of Valentino Teodori (bass player) that they found their stability. Their music is born from the impulse to create something different, trying to joint the simple to the complex , with influences ranging from alternative rock to the crossover, from grunge to progressive and psychedelic melody.

In 2006 the band recorded the first self product album : "THE MAN OF BEFORE" . This album will allow the band to participate to many major competitions of the national level . After winning many competitions in the year 2010 this band recorded an EP " called ART IS THE MIRROR OF THE UNIVERSE ." In the same year during an intense live activity , this band was chosen to open the concerts to famous Italian band and Italian songwriters as: IL TEATRO DEGLI ORRORI , ZU , Nobraino , IG GIANNI MAROCCOLO, DUFRESNE and NICCOLO' FABI.


In 2012 they receive some offers from independent labels and then they decided to recording the debut album " Astonishment " with SEAHORSE RECORDINGS headed by Mr. PAOLO MESSERE ( Blessed child opera, Ulan bator ) at the factory indie studio in Sassari. The product will be mastered by CARL SAFF in Chicago (USA ), known as a producer and mastering engineer for various international music scene as " Dinosaur Jr. ", " Don Caballero ", " Coco Rosie ," " Melt Banana " and Thurston Moore " SONIC YOUTH ").
The new album "Astonishment" was released last 16 December 2013 and now it is distributed by AUDIOGLOBE.